Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sky Visions

Sky Visions


Green leaves shine against sky.
Yellow sunsets in smog.
Deep blue indigo of twilight.


Big sky captured in pyramid form
which she clangs and clangs…
Triangle wrangles the boys home.


Still pond reflects sky
studded with puffs of white cloud.
Peace prevails before winds.


The lilacs’ blooms taken by wind
for a moment speckled
the mid summer sky.


At dusk stars appear one by one
like magic. A child looks up
begins to count.

© 2012 Joanne Elliott       

Poem for New World Creative Union’s Wednesday Wake-Up Call

The prompt:
Take the following items and create something from them: prose, a poem, a sketch, a watercolor, et cetera. All of the following items must be a part, and distinguishable, of whatever you create:

1. The colors yellow, blue, and green
2. A triangle.
3. Peace
4. Lilacs.
5. A child.


  1. Each a perfect moment captured. Seriously fantastic work as you take us through the the image of that clanging triangle calling us home...I find it so fascinating how many varied responses there has been...but this is superb!

    1. Thanks so much for your insights. I always appreciate your comments. You have a way of making ones day.:-)

  2. Joanne, I truly enjoyed these snippets in time (haiku-style?) For me, the first one captures how fast the days fly by and the second one sets a brilliant scene of "home on the range."

    I adore taking pictures of what is refected in lakes and ponds, and the image of lilac blooms speckling the sky is breaktaking - I can imagine their sweet scent being delivered far and wide like a spray of perfume. And starts are like magic - appearing out of nowhere.

    Fantastic work with all of them. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Sheila! Number 3 is the only one that is an actual haiku...but you could say they all have elements of haiku about them. I'm glad you enjoyed.

  3. Well now, Joanne! I can say that I really liked this! Your image complemented your composition wonderfully, and I really flowed with your tempo/meter. Especially this:

    "Still pond reflects sky
    studded with puffs of white cloud.
    Peace prevails before winds."

    Exquisitely crafted Joanne!

    Roger ☺

    1. Thanks Roger! I thought you might especially like that's the only one that is actually Haiku in syllable count and in content.

  4. Beautiful images created by your words. You saw so much in that big sky and mirror lake.

    1. Thank you Susie! There is so much to see beyond what can be seen. :-)

  5. 'Deep blue indigo of twilight' is my favorite time of day. This is stunning in its ability to evoke sensation, beautifully done.

    1. Thank you Anna! It's my favorite time, too. That and dawn. There is something about those 'at the edge' times.

  6. Very nice Joanne. Really great stanzas, each of them. Love how they fit perfectly to the image you chose here, such a cool photograph