Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Parade Posterior

Gray cast morning.

Screeches! and chirps from children and birds
drift in window
as crowds flood Greenleaf
now a street for Christmas packaged floats
and marching bands.

Santa hats and sweatshirts
dash here and there like elves
as seen from my two-story perspective.

In between car revvvs band noise begins
slowly turns to music.
Big brass echoes follow the boom
and rat-a-tat of drums.

Heads move and sway
like river reeds.
Party ready they lead the way for Santa.

Up here there is no glimpse
of the little fat man in his red suit.
One lonely yellow-turning tree
spans across his mini North Pole on wheels.

Soon the last band strikes its first note
as sky brightens to the putter of Santa’s
gasoline powered float.

At the end
orange-shirted, white-gloved men
swing sticks
poke litter
to the Honk! Honk!
of the street sweeper.

© 2002 Joanne Elliott

This past Saturday was Whittier’s annual Christmas Parade so I share a past experience.
Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Winter Solstice…


  1. Great capture in mood and image--felt like I was watching and listening to it all. Esp liked your descriptions of the music beginning as noise, and re-beginning even as it fades away. Glad you came out to play this week, Joanne.

  2. you tantalize all of the senses with your imagery! I love that! nice work poet!!!


  3. Nice details that you reminded me of watching one years ago...Love the Christmas mood and great to see you here ~

  4. smiles...nice capture of the cachophony of the parade...all the way down to the trashmen at the end...i like that touch as many would have turned their backs by then

  5. Thanks for sharing the sights and sounds of the parade from before beginning to after the end. A symphony of sorts. Enjoyed this. :)

    - Ravenblack

  6. ha nice..you took me right out in the street with this.. great capture..could hear the Big brass echoes and rat-a-tat of drums

  7. It is a special time for kids, isn't it. To see their wonder at things and belief in Santa and everything. This is lovely. Reminded me of the good old days too.

  8. Well told! The title cracked me up.

  9. Very nicely written. Love the descriptive element to the poem, like being there. Thanks

  10. Wonderful capture of the seasonal feel and influence, lovely write ~ Rose