Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sky Canvas

Morning reaches out of darkness
hovers on the horizon
graces sky with light.

In that moment I am the dawn
that breaks open night.

Sky a blush of pink
streaked clouds burned onto
pale gray canvas.

Shades of color blend
light bends and shoots
between crooked evergreens.

In that moment I am the sun
etched on eternity.

Then the giant glides higher
becomes too bright
for mere mortal spheres.

© 2012 Joanne Elliott


  1. morning is a great time of the day

  2. oh i can feel this joanne - i'm such a morning person...a bike ride into a new morning and i start to sing...even if it's just about 5 a.m.. smiles...thanks for bringing the sun and colors to us..

  3. oh how I liked this line Joanna - "In that moment I am the dawn
    that breaks open night." - wonderfully existential, intended or not, it's let me merrily trip off into breaking down the idea into a variety of ideas - great reading this on dVerse! OT

  4. Wonderful and vivid and also, poetic description of the sun! Lovely.

  5. nice...great visuals...i am the dawn is a great line....we can be the light...love all your colors....

  6. I love the colours in this too...the dawn bringing new hope...very spiritual and profound..'In that moment I am the sun etched on eternity.' ...

  7. For many years I worked in a profession where I was up before dawn and got to see that transition each day, that really rather mystical time, when "..Shades of color blend/light bends and shoots..." I miss it--thank you for recreating it most vividly here for me to enjoy.

  8. How beautiful are your words of the morning. It is my fav part of the day; and the time when my muse comes.

    Love this ~

  9. Really enjoyed the imagery and I felt your use of colour was excellent in this poem.

    Great work here.

  10. To be that alive in the morning...Love to see it, but need my coffee. Beautiful description.

  11. A beautiful poem about the intensity of the morning and a poet's rising!

  12. Lovely poem....love this....In that moment I am the sun
    etched on eternity.