Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Becoming the Rose

I wait in silence, unknown, becoming.
I awaken to myself as leaf turns to bud.
Greening, I am sun, earth, sky, rain.
I am the secret untold;
I live in the blood red heart.

I come forth in Eros,
in the bursting of life I bleed,
I live; I am born on my way to death
to be born again.

The rose unfurls
and beauty comes to bear
upon this world.
My heart, rose red, opens.
The light enters as petals splay and spin out.
The Divine enters the world,
a red rose enraptured.

I am the rose; open to the Beloved,
my fragrance is my answer to His call.
Where do my petals end and my perfume begin?
Where do I end and my Beloved begin?
In the rose we are one.
In my heart the rose lives and dies and lives again.

I am the rose, my heart transformed.
Blood red my heart beats as each petal falls
to feed the seed in the dark earth.
I am the rose, forever.

© 2011 Joanne Elliott

This poem grew out of my love for the texts in what is called The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Normandi Ellis' liberal translations of these are the most poetic and can be found in a book called "Awakening Osiris."  There are many texts that are about becoming, Becoming the Swallow, Becoming the Hawk, etc. The way Normandi translates them also makes me think of Whitman's way of writing. I wonder if he was an influence. The interesting part is that he was influenced by the Ancient Egyptians, he studied as much as he could about them.
The symbol of the rose is very important to me and my spiritual path. It is also a very important symbol in earthly love. So today, on this day of love, I dedicate this poem to the love of my life, Charles.


  1. Well, I loved this, and I also thought of Whitman....

    Lovely, evocative verse that repeats a refrain that carries well to the end.

    Lady Nyo

  2. VALENTINE ODE TO A ROSE...how sweet! I felt each petal falling to the seeds below, to help them sprout and grow--OH! Wake up, Steve! (I KNEW reading dVerse on Feb 14th would affect my psyche, maybe never to return to normalcy?)


  3. Beautiful. The imagery is sublime. A red rose just at the point of opening is my most fav flower too.
    It really is an exquisite piece of writing.

  4. i am the secret untold...is an enchanting line...opening like a rose the heart slowly unfolds...in its time...a lovely look at a rose....lovely imagery...happy valentines....

  5. Never knew so much surrounded the rose but you surely delve into it splendidly, nicely done!

  6. Joanne...this is just stunning! You could feel the fire of inspiration in your pen...(while, once again, I try to avoid the plastic this day has become for so many) you poets are doing a wonderful job of bringing the truth that is love to the forefront. I'm going to read again!

  7. what a beautiful piece of poetry this is....Your first stanza was absolutely stunning ...all visual...really great to read.

  8. Lovely poem by my favorite poet. I feel the magick! The Divine enters the world, indeed... Thanks, Love! ( ; 0= ***

  9. very nice...love how the poems unfold like rose petals indeed....lovely..