Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stranded By the Side of the Road & A Mother's Love

Stranded By the Side of the Road
Humvee rattles bones
shakes out seeds
of this once

© 2010 Joanne Elliott

A Mother’s Love

The path strewn
with rotten fruit
of your womb
maddens your mind
tears open the wound
that was your heart
binds you to the moon
and to Her upon it
who stands barefoot
above the desert

© 2010 Joanne Elliott


  1. i was chuckling at my own jostling journeys in the first when you second sobered me quite much....

  2. Humvees scare me--to me they're built to intimidate, not transport--and your second poem cuts through so much, to that darker side of the maternal that has so much control over all of us who serve the moon with our wax and wane. Fine duo here, Joanne.

  3. Your second piece speaks to me--there are moments in motherhood that can be terrible--and yet we manage to live through them, to love, and to learn

  4. Your second piece speaks to me... As a mother I feel it... Nicely done !

  5. the first is funny. the second i read several times. quite lovely.